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Forty Days of Crafts: Origami Lily of the Valley

Suggested reading: Jonah's Whale
Suggested reading: Jonah’s Whale

“And Simon Peter answered and said, Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God.”
— Matthew 16:16 (KJV)

This flower is a great symbol for Jesus: its beauty and color symbolize the royalty and purity of Jesus, and the flower’s appearance of “bowing its head” reminds us of Jesus’ humility.


  • Paper
  • Tape
  • Scissors

The Flower:

Step 1: Fold a regular sheet of paper (8.5″ x 11″) with the bottom right corner up so that the bottom edge of the paper is parallel to the left side of the paper. You will end up with two perfectly aligned triangles and a rectangle of extra paper attached to the triangle on the bottom. Flip the paper over, fold the rectangle, and cut it off so only the two identical triangles remain. Unfold the paper after cutting off the excess and you should have a perfect square.

Lily_02 Lily_03 Lily_04

Step 2: Fold the left hand corner up so that the bottom edge is parallel with the right edge, and then unfold.

Lily_06 Lily_08 Lily_07

Step 3: Fold each corner of the square into the center of the square.

Lily_09 Lily_10

Step 4: Fold the tip of each corner up so that it sticks up over the new square and creates a smaller square in the center.

Lily_11 Lily_12

Step 5: Fold the paper so that the fourth point is located between the seventh and eighth point.

Lily_15 Lily_16 Lily_13

Step 6: Take the points on either end of the straight edge and overlap them. Tape them together.

Lily_18 Lily_20 Lily_19

Step 7: With your other hand, pinch the bottom of the flower flat and fold it up onto itself.

Lily_21 Lily_23 Lily_22

Step 8: Press a piece of the bottom of the flower inwards. Then press on the opposite sides at the crease, and pinch the bottom of the flower together. (If the flower will not stay shut, add a small piece of tape to the inside of the flower.)

Lily_24 Lily_26 Lily_25

Step 9: Curl or press each petal down and under.

Lily_27 Lily_28

Step 10: Tape a green pipe cleaner to the bottom of the flower.


The Leaf:

Step 1: Create another square piece of paper by repeating Step 1 above.

Lily_29 Lily_31 Lily_30

Step 2: Fold the top right corner and the bottom left corner into the center of the square.

Lily_32 Lily_33

Step 3: Fold the lower right corner of the original square up to meet the two other points.

Lily_36 Lily_37

Step 4: Fold the right and left flat, non-folded edges in towards the center. This should create a point at the edge where these two flat edges meet.

Lily_38 Lily_40 Lily_39

Step 5: Fold the entire piece of paper in half lengthwise and pinch at the base. Add a small piece of tape to hold the leaf together. Curl the top pointy edge of the leaf out and down.

Lily_41 Lily_44 Lily_45

Step 6: Insert the pipe cleaner with the flower attached into the leaf and tape it into place.

Lily_49 Lily_50


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