It should be common knowledge by now that Eerdmans is fond of chickens.

What we didn’t know — until recently — is that chickens also love Eerdmans.

Last week, when a member of our accounting staff was expecting a delivery of chicks for her home chicken coop, more than a dozen of the downy darlings made an impromptu visit to the Eerdmans offices.

(We couldn’t have them sitting alone on her doorstep all afternoon, could we?)

One of those chicks turned out to be quite a literary young fowl — and she was thrilled to find a selection of books just for her at Eerdmans Bookstore:

A Chick Called Saturday: worth reading even on a Thursday.




Good Night, Chickie: my new favorite bedtime read!


Now that you mention it, Chickie, so do I.


Thanks for having me, Eerdmans. I had a wonderful time!

Thank you for stopping by, Little Chick. We hope you enjoyed your visit!

If you love chickens as much as we do, click the images below to check out Little Chick’s recommended reading list: