If You Liked . . .

We love browsing all those “If You Liked” lists and websites offering customized reading recommendations based on books that we’ve previously enjoyed.

We love them so much, in fact, that we’re going to try our hand at creating a list of our own today. Enjoy!

 If you liked . . . We think you’ll love . . .

With its sing-song language, joyfully abstract illustrations, and inspiring message, The Yes — like its Seussian doppelganger — makes both a feel-good read aloud and an awesome graduation gift.

 If you liked . . .  We think you’ll love . . .

Idyllic barnyard setting? Check. Farm community full of larger-than-life animal characters? Check. Grumpy rat? Check, check, check.

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “Why can’t a fellow like Templeton have his very own picture book?” this is definitely one you should check out.

(And if you find yourself as charmed by Jean-Franςois Dumont’s farmyard capers as we are, be sure to look up his other books as well.)

If you liked . . .  We think you’ll love . . .
 George and Martha  

Wry humor, a whiff of urbane sophistication, a vintage sensibility . . . and, of course, talking hippos . . .

If Edgar provides Charlotte’s Web-style barnyard fun for the younger picture book crowd, Mister H offers an illustrated novel perfect for older fans of James Marshall’s classic picture book series.

 If you liked . . .  We think you’ll love . . .
   Animal Supermarket

Giovanni Zoboli and Simona Mulazzani’s Animal Supermarket — with its colorful artwork, international flavor, and array of whole-foods-minded culinary creatures — pairs exquisitely with Eric Carle’s 1993 celebration of good eating.

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