Life isn’t easy for a bear. Not when he has to sleep on the sidewalk among cardboard boxes and old clothes . . .


Not when he lives in a city full of people who are repulsed by him . . .


Not when he’s hungry and homeless . . .


But one day a young girl smiles at the bear, and he realizes that maybe there is something that could make life a bit easier — a friend.


I Am a Bear
I Am a Bear

This poignant, heartwarming tale will move readers of all ages and inspire them to be more compassionate and empathetic towards others.

“A sensitive portrait. . . . Dumont portrays the `bear,’ the urban setting, and the human connection with idealized tidiness, but there is food for both thought and discussion here. A naked appeal to sentiment — but also to sympathy.”

Kirkus Reviews

“Dumont hits at human prejudice from multiple angles, whether it’s the plentitude of food the bear sees in shop windows or the way citizens wrinkle their noses as they walk past. . . . As a literal vision of the way society often dehumanizes the homeless, it’s sure to be a conversation starter.”

Publishers Weekly

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