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News from EBYR & Elsewhere

    • Congrats to Mary H., Kara K., and Elizabeth B., the winners of our Christmas kidlit giveaway! They’ll each receive two books of their choice from our featured collection of Christmas books.
  • The Dog That Nino Didn't Have
    The Dog That Nino Didn’t Have

    Minh Le released his “Best Picture Books of 2015” list for Huffington Post Books, and The Dog That Nino Didn’t Have was named the best “dark/mysterious” book! Nino is a “refreshing change of pace in the expansive imaginary friend genre,” writes Le. “Rendered in scorching earth tones, this Dutch import might be the most visually jaw-dropping book of the year.” Red was also included on Le’s list as an honorable mention in the “most inspiring” category, and The Amazing Age of John Roy Lynch received an honorable mention in the “best biography” category.

  • Speaking of The Amazing Age, it was amazing enough to make several other lists this week. It was included in the Denver Public Library holiday gift guide and also in the Chicago Public Library’s list of “Best Informational Books” for younger readers.
  • The Right Word was included in the Centre for Literacy in Primary
    Education (CLPE) staff picks list. “The text is compelling and the illustrations feel like you are working from Roget’s desk with his notes scattered around you,” writes Kate, who picked the book. “You’ll want to go back and back to it just to find what you missed in each illustration.”
  • Roger Is Reading a Book
    Roger Is Reading a Book

    Roger, the eponymous star of Roger is Reading a Book, was named the runner-up for “best dressed” character in Travis Jonker’s review of “The Year in Miscellania.” Roger has “[t]he right combination of classic style (bow tie and wingtips) and modern flair (skinny orange pants and stripy socks? Nice touch, Rog), much like the book itself.”

  • The Legend of Saint Nicholas was reviewed by the Ligourian, which writes that “[i]n this brief, beautiful hardcover edition, youngsters will find the perfect introduction to St. Nicholas. . . . Let these lessons of compassion and generosity inspire all to live by his example.”
  • Four Feet, Two Sandals

    Four Feet, Two Sandals was included in a Lee & Low Books list of the best picture books about Muslim or Middle Eastern characters.

  • Picturebook Makers published an interview with Akin Duzakin, the illustrator of I’m Right Here. The interview focuses on another book from the same author-illustrator team, Why Am I Here?, that EBYR will be publishing next year.

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