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Manger: A The Christmas Story from a Surprising Perspective


Legend has it that on Christmas Eve at midnight, all creatures are granted the power of speech for one hour. Manger, a collection of poems from Lee Bennett Hopkins and a dozen other poets, imagines what responses they might offer.

The poems represent a diverse group of animals — from sheep to fish to spiders — but all are drawn together with one singular purpose: to celebrate the joy of the miraculous event.

This collection of graceful poems, richly illustrated by Helen Cann, provides readers with a Nativity story unlike any other — at times gently humorous, at times profound, but always inviting readers to appreciate the wonder of Christmas.

This is the perfect book to read around the fire on Christmas Eve as your family joins with the animals to welcome the Holy Child.

Manger includes poems by . . . 

Lee Bennett Hopkins ♦ Joan Bransfield Graham ♦ Amy Ludwig VanDerwater ♦ X. J. Kennedy ♦ Jude Mandell ♦ Marilyn Nelson ♦ Jane Yolen ♦ Ann Whitford Paul ♦ Prince Redcloud ♦ Rebecca Kai Dotlich ♦ Michele Krueger ♦ Alma Flor Ada ♦ Alicia Schertle

Click to order Manger, to read an interview with Lee Bennett Hopkins here on EerdWord, or to visit the author’s website

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