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Coffee Break: Choosing a Book Club Book

Ahna and Katherine are becoming book club pros (if they do say so themselves). Last year they shared their own tutorial on How to Start a Book Club; now they’ve got tips for choosing a book that will promote lively book club meetings.

Do you have favorite book club picks and tips? Share them below or on Twitter with Ahna and Katherine @CoffeeBreakEBYR.

2 comments on “Coffee Break: Choosing a Book Club Book

  1. Hi! My book club 100% agrees in mixing genres. It has introduced all of us to things we wouldn’t have explored otherwise and it really surprises us. Our book club prepares lists of what we could read and then we compare lists to see which books or subject matters come up most frequently. We’ve found that the thing that hurts book club the most is talking about the book during the month while we are still reading it in a one on one setting. Thanks for the post.

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    • Thanks for the thoughts, seedysyntax! I agree about discussing the book beforehand — there are many times I have to remind myself to keep my mouth shut around my book club friends until our official meeting 🙂
      — Ahna


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