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Featured Author: Helga Bansch

Helga Bansch
Helga Bansch

It was teaching that made Helga Bansch an artist. Over twenty-five years teaching students with disabilities and behavioral problems, Bansch discovered that painting was one of the best modes of expression for them. Bansch became more and more deeply involved in the art she was making with her students, and eventually she left teaching to work full time as an artist. Today Bansch has produced more than forty picture books and earned numerous awards, including Austria’s Most Beautiful Book in 2007 and the Children’s Book Prize for Vienna from 2011 through 2013. She lives and works in Vienna.

Bansch’s latest book to be published in the US is At Night, a whimsical and soothing bedtime story — but with a twist! At night, all the animals return to their homes to sleep: birds in their nests, polar bears in their ice caves, and children under the covers of their beds. Everything is in order.

At Night

Unless, of course, it isn’t. Sometimes the world — or the book — gets turned upside down, and then things aren’t quite as simple. At Night is a winsome book that caters to children’s bedtime rituals while teaching them that surprises can be welcomed too.

To learn more about Helga Bansch, visit her website, and look for author guests posts coming soon on Eerdlings!

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