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EBYR All Over: September 16, 2016

Welcome back to EBYR All Over, a Friday roundup of all the EBYR-related news, reviews, interviews, and other interesting online content we can gather in a given week.

News from EBYR & Elsewhere

  • A Well-Mannered Young Wolf
    A Well-Mannered Young Wolf

    A Well-Mannered Young Wolf has earned a starred review from Booklist! The review will appear in the October 1 issue (and online as well). Here’s a preview:

A palette of rich reds, yellows, and browns against plentiful whitespaced pages contributes to this cockeyed tale of politeness gone awry. Klassen fans rejoice—another twisted ending!

Have we missed any news, reviews, or other online miscellany dealing with EBYR books or authors from the last week? Please let us know in the comments. You can also post items on our Facebook page, mention us on Twitter (@ebyrbooks), or write to us directly: webmaster@eerdmans.com.

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