Be careful with these books in the library—they might get you kicked out for laughing too loudly!

A Well-Mannered Young Wolf

A Well-Mannered Young Wolf

Written by Jean Leroy
Illustrated by Matthieu Maudet

One morning, a young wolf eagerly sets out on his first hunting trip. But before he can devour his prey, he must honor their final wishes, just as his parents taught him to do. And the wolf’s would-be meals aren’t quite as honorable as he is! Can common courtesy prove effective amidst the wild laws of nature?

Perfect for fans of Jon Klassen, this wryly humorous book demonstrates that good manners can bring unexpected results.

Read the starred review from Publishers Weekly, which calls the book a “wicked gem of a story . . . [that] proves that manners matter, even when one isn’t doing something terribly polite.”

Samira and the Skeletons

Samira and the Skeletons

Written and illustrated by Camilla Kuhn

Samira likes school, especially when she gets to sit next to her best friend, Frida. But when they learn about the skeletal system in science class, Samira suddenly begins to imagine everyone in school as a walking skeleton. Soon she starts avoiding her fellow classmates, even Frida, but Samira still can’t escape her own skeleton. It takes some clever help from her mother for Samira to realize that having a body full of bones isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Enhanced by delightfully impish illustrations, Camilla Kuhn’s playful book depicts the hilarious results of an imagination gone awry.

Learn more about the author in our Five Questions interview and Camilla Kuhn’s “From Brain to Book” guest post.

Animal Beauty

Animal Beauty

Written and illustrated by Kristin Roskifte

When an elephant in the city zoo picks up a beauty magazine, she makes a horrifying discovery: her wrinkles make her look ancient! After covering herself with anti-aging cream, she passes the magazine on to the other animals in the zoo. Soon the panda is trying to get rid of the dark circles under his eyes, the lion is getting the latest celebrity hairstyle, and the boa constrictor is dressing in leopard print (snakeskin was so last season). But how will people react to the animals’ new looks?

This zany, satirical picture book addresses body image issues and reminds readers to appreciate themselves for who they are.

Mom, There’s a Bear at the Door

Mom, There’s a Bear at the Door

Written by Sabine Lipan
Illustrated by Manuela Olten

A mother is surprised when her son tells her that there is a bear standing outside their door. How did the bear get all the way from his cave in the forest to their eleventh-floor apartment? And what is it doing here in the middle of the city?

This sweet story of a wacky chain of events will appeal to young readers who like to make up their own tall tales.

For more on the book, read this starred review from Kirkus — “verbal and visual humor abound” — and also this recent review from School Library Journal.

Roger Is Reading a Book

Roger Is Reading a Book

Written and illustrated by Koen Van Biesen

All Roger wants is some peace and quiet so he can read his book. Unfortunately, the girl in the apartment next door has hobbies of her own — very loud hobbies! But when Roger gives the girl a book of her own, she discovers that reading can be just as much fun as playing basketball or banging a drum.

This playful and engaging read-aloud from an award-winning Belgian author shows readers that shared activities can lead to rewarding friendships.

For a great activity, check out this craft featuring Roger Is Reading a Book.

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