We LOVE teachers. You all are doing hard, valuable, wonderful work. We’d like to help, if we can . . .

Here are four great inspiring and time-saving resources for teachers:

1. Trade Winds. If you’re a K-4 teacher, be sure to check out our new Trade Winds series. These are nonfiction books ready-made for your classroom—not only are they engaging stories about subjects often thought boring (the history of economics for elementary students!), you’ll be pleased to discover a wealth of backmatter in each book. Lesson, planned.

2. Book Learning. Katherine, whom you may know from Coffee Break and Coffee Break Confidential, retired her fedora and is now sharing lesson ideas every month in her new monthly Book Learning column. Expect to find fun learning activities paired with a book.


3. Discussion Guides. Want even more structured, ready-made lesson plans? Check out our collection of discussion guides. Many of our great books for Black History Month have free companion PDFs. You might also be interested in the guide for Four Feet, Two Sandals, a book more and more teachers are using in their classrooms to talk about the refugee crisis.


4. EBYR on Pinterest. I’m pretty sure teachers all agree that browsing Pinterest counts as work (right?). Follow EBYR to get a steady stream of creative literacy activities and lesson ideas in your feed.