A heartwarming collection of poems about the greatest gift a father can give

When Daddy Prays
When Daddy Prays

When Daddy Prays
Nikki Grimes
Illustrated by Tim Ladwig

“Like Him”

I tip Daddy’s hat back so I can see
to roll his shirtsleeves like donuts.
Even so, the stripes swallow
my arms down to my wrists.

His pants would puddle at my ankles
if I didn’t tie a rope around my waist.
But that’s okay.
They’ll fit me one day.

I shuffle down the hall, my small feet like
tugboats dragging the ships of his shoes.
Daddy turns from the altar,
smiles, and waves me over.

I hurry to him, drop to my knees
and kneel in his shadow.
I already know what to say —
“Our Father, whose heart is heaven . . . ”

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