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Sneak Peek: Talking is Not My Thing

Talking is Not My Thing kids bookTalking is Not My Thing

Ages 3-7
HARDCOVER; Coming Soon: 9/8/2020
ISBN: 978-0-8028-5549-7
Price: $ 16.99
32 Pages
Trim Size, in inches: 9.625 x 10.625

This little sister might not use words, but she’s got plenty to say! Narrated through thought bubbles, this energetic book invites readers into the day of a nonverbal girl with autism. She has so much to do—games to play, spaghetti to eat, and a missing stuffed animal to find! Sometimes life can be noisy and overwhelming, but something new is always around the corner. Talking isn’t the only way to make a joke, ask for Grandma’s help, or surprise your brother…

Illustrated in bright colors, Talking Is Not My Thing is a joyful portrait of neurodiverse family life.

Talking is Not My Thing Written and illustrated by Rose Robbins

Rose Robbins is the author of Me and My Sister (Eerdmans), a companion to Talking Is Not My Thing. She has a master of arts in children’s book illustration from the Cambridge School of Art and was a runner-up for Hachette UK’s Carmelite Prize in 2017. Rose grew up with an autistic brother, an experience that informs and shapes her writing. She serves as an ambassador with Inclusive Minds, an organization that promotes quality representation in children’s literature, and she has written and drawn extensively about neurodiversity issues. Rose lives in Nottingham, UK. Follow her on Instagram @roserobbinsuk and visit her website at



Interview with Children’s Books Author and Illustrator Rose Robbins

Me and My Sister

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