The Book that Kibo Wrote

Written and illustrated by Mariana Ruiz Johnson
Translated by Lawrence Schimel

One night under the acacia trees, Kibo writes a story about home. His neighbor Naki reads his words, binds them into a book, and brings it to the city. There Camilo devours Kibo’s story, remembering his childhood in the savannah. The next day he shares the book and his memories with his friend Simon. Soon Simon starts writing new songs about distant lands. Where will Kibo’s book go next, and what will it spark for its next reader? 

Featuring a charming cast of animal characters, The Book that Kibo Wrote showcases the power of stories to connect readers across the globe.

Like he did every evening,
Kibo sat down to write.
He wrote about the red sky of the savanna, the silhouettes of the birds,
the buzz of the bugs.
He wrote so much that he realized
he had written a whole book.

The first to find the yellow book was Camilo the lion. The book’s scent reminded him of the savanna where he’d been born. He decided to bring it home.