National Thesaurus Day is an exciting holiday, and we have Peter Mark Roget to thank for that wonderful book!  the celebration of the mighty and useful thesaurus! Where do you go when you can’t think of the perfect word to describe your thoughts? The thesaurus, of course! It’s exactly where you look when you don’t want to repeat the same word over and over again, and it (deservingly!) has its own special day to be celebrated.

The Right Word: Roget and His Thesaurus, written by Jen Bryant and illustrated by Melissa Sweet
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How do you celebrate this holiday? Any way you want! There are a million ways to enjoy and celebrate the thesaurus. You can start by picking one of your favorite words, then flip in your thesaurus until you find it. Now you have a collection of new words with the same meaning! You can also open your thesaurus to a random page and find a bunch of new words to expand your vocabulary. This is also a great activity to share with friends. Spread the word and make all your friends just as excited as you are to celebrate. Make sure to mark your calendar for January 18, 2022, to celebrate National Thesaurus Day!

The Right Word
Roget and His Thesaurus

Written by Jen Bryant
Illustrated by Melissa Sweet

This book is an inviting, visually engrossing portrayal of Peter Mark Roget and the creation of the thesaurus. Readers of all ages will marvel at Roget’s life, depicted through lyrical text and brilliantly detailed illustrations. This elegant book celebrates the joy of learning and the power of words.


Rewrite a famous story

Have fun switching out the words of famous works. Take Jen Bryant’s “The Right Word,” for instance.
“Peter’s family moved often, so making friends was difficult.
But books, Peter discovered, were also good friends.”

could turn into

“Peter’s family moved often, so making friends was very easy.
But books, Peter discovered, were also good friends.”